You can support the campaign in many ways without coming to meetings, although you are very welcome to join us as well.

You might want to use your skills on a short project without having a long term commitment. You might have an idea that isn’t covered below. You might want to get on and do something yourself but need some support to do that.

We’re particularly keen to hear from people who live or work in Tameside.  But we’d love to hear from anyone!

Things you could do:

  • Follow us on Twitter @FossilFreeGM
  • Join our mailing list by clicking here and filling in the form, or contact us
  • Talk to friends or colleagues about this
  • If you’re a member of GMPF, write to them
  • If you are a union member, please sign this petition from NW Unison’s climate emergency group.
  • If your workplace pension is through GMPF, ask your management to push for divestment. You could get together with colleagues to do this. Fossil Free GM could come in to talk to staff or management about this.  If you have a GMPF pension, your pension statements will have a Tameside Council letterhead (and there is a full list of GMPF employers in their annual report).
  • If you’re a Labour Party member, raise this at your branch meeting
  • Ask your councillors to write to GMPF or see if they will work on a divestment motion in their council. Find your councillors here or by going to your council’s website and looking them up. Most councillors have weekly surgeries where you can meet them.
  • Ask your MP to support the campaign. Find your MP here or look them up online and go to one of their surgeries.
  • Tell us what skills or interests you have.  There are lots of things we need help with such as research, writing, social media, photography, film making, podcasting, lobbying and organising events.
  • Come to our organising group meetings which are generally held on the second and fourth Monday.  We meet online: contact us and we’ll send you a link to join.