Fossil Free GM meets with the Pension Fund – we still say much too slow!

27th July 2019

On 11 July, two representatives of Fossil Free Greater Manchester met with senior representatives of Greater Manchester Pension Fund and their advisors.  The meeting, which was scheduled at short notice, lasted just over an hour.  It was a constructive discussion in which both sides were able to present their thinking and arguments.  We have written…

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News release: Campaigners call on GM Pension Fund to divest from climate-wrecking fossil fuel investments

19th July 2019

Today (Friday 19th July) a noisy protest [1] outside the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) offices called for the Pension Fund to join the growing global movement to respond to the climate emergency by divesting from climate-wrecking fossil fuels within 2 years The GM Pension Fund is the largest local government pension fund in the…

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Press release: Campaigners call on GM Pension Fund to help tackle the climate crisis

17th July 2019

Campaigners will demand that Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) join the growing movement to tackle climate change when they gather at the Fund’s offices at 12.30 on 19 July . The Fund is the largest local government pension fund in the UK. [1] According to a 2018 report, over 10% of the fund – up…

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Tell GM Pension Fund to Stop Funding Global Heating

4th July 2019

You want to help stop the earth overheating. Then join us in telling Greater Manchester Pension Fund to stop funding climate change by investing 10% of its assets in companies whose aim is to extract and sell as much oil gas and coal as they can.  It’s their Annual General Meeting on 19 July.  They’ve…

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How GMPF’s investments help block action on climate change

2nd July 2019

New research has revealed that GMPF’s investments in fossil fuels could be helping to block action on climate change (1). Leading US business magazine Forbes quotes a recent study that shows the world’s five largest publicly owned oil and gas companies spend approximately £160 million every year on lobbying designed to control, delay or block…

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We restate our aims and open dialogue with the Pension Fund’s Chair.

28th March 2019

An update from Fossil Free Greater Manchester Fossil Free Greater Manchester has been campaigning since 2015 for the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to divest its holdings in the fossil fuel industry. We have made some progress since we started: The Pension Fund has recognised that climate change is a material risk and committed to eventual…

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Pension protesters make their presence felt

21st October 2018

  In this update: 1) Press release following our action outside Greater Manchester Pension Fund AGM on Friday 21 October. 2) The experience of one Fund member at the AGM 3) Photos of our action. Fossil Free Greater Manchester press release  19th October 2018 Immediate Release Pension protestors claim success A group of noisy pensioners…

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Today’s a good day for Greater Manchester Pension Fund to clean up its act.

19th October 2018

Today, 19 October, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund will hold its Annual General Meeting.  We’ll be outside from 12.30 til the meeting starts. We call on those attending to ask the Fund two things: WHEN will  “100% of its assets to be compatible with the net zero emissions ambition in line with the Paris Agreement”?…

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Press release: Residents demonstrate for GM pension fund to stop funding climate change

17th October 2018

Local residents will demonstrate outside the Greater Manchester Pension Fund’s (GMPF) annual general meeting in Droylsden on Friday 19th October at 12.30. They will call for the Fund to stop investing in fossil fuel companies and will present remnants from the recent moorland fires to delegates. The GMPF is the UK’s biggest local authority pension…

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Public Meeting: Climate Change, Divestment and the Fight against Fracking

1st October 2018

Tuesday 16 October , 7.00pm, at Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester, M2 5NS. Organised by Fossil Free Greater Manchester, Frack Free Greater Manchester and Manchester Campaign against Climate Change. Do please come along and join the discussion about how best to join up our campaigns. Facebook event link. Speakers to include FFGM’s very own…

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