30th March 2022

Fossil Free Greater Manchester, along with Extinction Rebellion and Unison, brought our campaign to the Mayor’s Question Time in Bolton Arena on  23 March. We were calling on the GM Mayor, Andy Burnham, to take a stance on the Greater Manchester Pension Fund’s huge holdings in fossil fuels.

img_0061_51957283068_oimg_0086_51957810270_oAndy Burnham came outside to talk to us and listened to our case for fossil fuel divestment.

In the ‘Ask Andy’ question time that followed, he was asked again about the pension fund’s fossil fuel investments and if he would look at the evidence to show that the interests of the members of the pension fund holders would not be damaged by divesting from fossil fuels. He answered:

Maybe there is a tipping point arriving here, because to be trapped with oil and gas, may not be a great place to be for anybody, given the speed with which the world might change coming out of this appalling situation in Ukraine.  I don’t think any country wants to feel beholden to other regimes with very different ways of running things in the future. And you might see quite a big change.  And those who’ve got investments in dying energy operations might find financially they are not in the strongest position. So yes is the answer to what you are saying.’

So we’ve sent him our evidence and are looking forward to hearing his response.

Watch this space!