21st February 2017

Last week, Fossil Free Greater Manchester held a screening of acclaimed environmental documentary Do the Math.

For those who have not seen the documentary, we invite you to grab a cup of tea, or whatever it might be, and spend 44 minutes taking in what this film has to offer. You won’t regret it:

“Do the Math” reminded us all that sometimes if we want to make a change we are required to do things that are a little hard for us. Be that making a bit of noise, being a little uncomfortable or pushing other people to be a little uncomfortable too. Simply put, we are running out of atmosphere into which to put our waste carbon. Sadly, fossil fuel companies and their investors have yet to cotton on to this fact.

The screening kept everyone on edge by laying bare the urgency of the climate crisis, while simultaneously bringing everyone closer together by reminding us that there are positive forces in a seemingly negative world.

There are good people out there doing good things and proof of this are the people that dedicated their time to talk at the event just after the screening took place.

Stuart Bowman, speaking on behalf of Fossil Free Greater Manchester, shared with us how FFGM is working on influencing the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels, as the GMPF is the largest local government fund in the country.

Kate Eldridge, representing the Co-operative Group Pace pension scheme, contributed to the event by voicing how the campaign (Co-op Values and Pension) is acting for an ethical investment. She also wanted to invite any Co-op pension scheme members who want to support the campaign to join their Facebook group: Co-op Values and Pensions.

Callum Tyler, talking on behalf of the University of Manchester, voiced his concern on the fact that there is not been enough pressure for a full divestment campaign from students. He stated that a full divestment is not only the right thing to do but it is necessary for the future of our planet. He invited the audience to take part to a protest that took place Wednesday 15 February to pressure the University to divest.