The Greater Manchester campaign
for fossil fuel divestment

Fossil Free Greater Manchester

We are part of a rapidly growing global alliance campaigning for divestment. We’re working with trade unions, scheme members and others to persuade the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to ditch its risky and polluting investments in fossil fuel companies.

If you’d like to get involved with the campaign, why not come along to one of our meetings?  They take place at 7pm on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at the Green Fish Resource Centre (46-50 Oldham St, M4 1LE).  All welcome!

Over 80% of the world’s coal, oil and gas reserves are unburnable if we want to halt climate change.

The hundreds of billions of pounds invested in energy projects every year need to be moved out of the fossil fuel industry and invested in clean energy instead.

Universities, pension funds, churches and other institutions are increasingly taking their investments out of coal, oil and gas.

We’ve joined this rapidly growing global alliance, and are campaigning to persuade the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) to divest the £1.8 billion it has invested in fossil fuels.

We call on GMPF to:

  • Immediately freeze any new investments in fossil fuel companies
  • Divest from companies involved in the exploitation of coal and unconventional oil or gas within two years and all fossil fuel companies within 5 years
  • Work with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to develop and fund a low-carbon investment programme for Greater Manchester

Not only will this send a strong signal to the fossil fuel industry, government and other investors, but it will reduce the financial risk of continuing to hold these stranded assets, thus helping the fund in its duty to its members – current and future pensioners.

You can sign our petition to GMPF here

Latest Articles

On the Mythical Peril of Divesting from Fossil Fuels – from the LSE

14th June 2018

This article, by the LSE’s Jeremy Grantham, is well worth a read – not least by GMPF’s investment managers and advisors.  It confirms the point we made in our briefing to councillors – divesting from fossil fuels is not a financial risk, and indeed could be a benefit to the fund.   It refutes the Fund’s…

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Fossil Free Greater Manchester news release

20th May 2018

Fossil Free Greater Manchester news release Immediate release On Monday 21st May, campaigners from Fossil Free Greater Manchester and pension fund members will be joining campaigners from Latin America at a vigil outside BP’s Annual General meeting in Manchester, calling on BP to stop fracking in Argentina and worldwide. [1] In 2017, the Greater Manchester…

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Greater Manchester Pension Fund: the fracking connection

12th May 2018

Residents in Greater Manchester overwhelming oppose fracking. The Manchester Evening News conducted a poll in 2014 and found that 73% of respondents opposed fracking. The figure is likely to be even higher now as the website is (as of 8 May, 2018) showing 88% against. Some of our councils (Manchester, Bury, Salford, Trafford, and Westhoughton…

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Greater Manchester Pension Fund starts on the path to fossil fuel divestment

15th March 2018

Statement from Fossil Free Greater Manchester in response to Greater Manchester  Pension Fund’s formal response to our campaign. There is  just one week to go before the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Green Summit that is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality for the city region as early as possible.  We are therefore pleased to report some progress…

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